Biblical dating advice boaz

There, she — young, foreign, and alone — would be safe from possible molesters among the harvesters.

Ruth was a Moabitess — a foreigner who did not follow the Hebrew God.

Oh, and I'm a bit skeptical about whether Broke-az and Cheatin-az were real people. What good ideas about dating we can LEGITIMATELY get from the story of Ruth?

(My personal favorite: it's totally not true that the guy has to make the first move.) What does "waiting" mean?

I mean, if by "wait" you mean "she worked hard to take care of herself and her mother-in-law, and when they found an opportunity to get some actual economic stability by getting married, she totally went for it" then I guess it's legit.

I mean, I don't know how much of it was "romance" as we know today and how much of it was a very practical financial need.

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