Dating antique hand bills

In folk magic the use of a leather bag generally indicates that what is put in it is valuable and precious or that the bag is expected to see long and hard use and the owner wishes to avoid it wearing out as cloth would.Natural tanned leathers vary from dull tan to dark brown, depending on the agents used to tan them.cense may be burned in any non-flammable container, but most people prefer to place their charcoal disks and incense in a specially made incense brazier or incense burner that stands on legs, so that the heat of the burning charcoal will not mar their altar or table surface.One old-fashioned name for this common altar tool is a thurible, and during rituals, the person who tends to the incense, especially when it is kept in a hanging thurible and waved about during the services, is called the thurifer.

We offer the following 100% cotton cloths, each one suitable to double in use as a bandana (or a handsome dog-scarf! READ ALSO: Further instructional information on the candles used in these spell kits can be found at: Candle Magic Learn to interpret the results of your candle spell by referring to our page on: Candle Magic Divination When a candle is burned in a spell, it is sometimes convenient to place it in a candle stand.The use of the red flannel bag is traditional in hoodoo, dating back to the 19th century at least.Its popularity has roots stretching back to prehistoric times when red, identified as the colour of blood, became associated with life, vitality, and success.They vary from used to vintage in age and from plain to fancy in style. Ideal size for forming loose Incense Powder into perfect cones. Ideal size for forming loose Incense Powder into perfect cones. Using kitchen tongs, hold the charcoal disk over the stove and set it alight, then blow out the flame.Place the disk in a metal or stone incense burner or thurible, with the glowing side up, and drop grains of resin incense, herbs, oils, and/or self- lighting incense powders onto it.

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