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If that's the case, a Brother Lock 1034D model is the one for you. In fact it costs more than 40% less than the next cheapest model in our top ten and is actually considered the cheapest model on the market..the savings are even bigger compared to some of the higher end models out there. The serger doesn't have many of the features you'd find in other models(i.e. If you are a student or a hobbyist, then you need a slightly more powerful serger to keep up with your needs.You need one that provides 2, 3, 4 and 5 thread patterns, adjustible stitch length and it helps to have automatic looper threading so you don't waste precious time.That's because unlike a straight stitch machine, sergers use loopers to make the stitch and they also come with special knives to cut the fabric.

So if you are budget conscious, yet don't want to buy the cheapest thing on the market, the MO-644D is a very decent choice. So we've created this serger buying guide to help you make your decision.Different people have different needs(and budgets), so this section is to help you narrow things down to fit your specific needs.If you are new to serging, or someone who is just looking for a cheap don't need much. This is the system for those of you who just want to have a cheap serger machine at home, that you might use once or twice times a year.Don't forget to check the Top Picks tab where we recommend the best sergers for each particular buying demographic and take a moment to read the serger review for the serger you are interested in.Serger sewing machines cut and finish the raw edges of your materials These machines combine a number of functions into a simple process - they can stitch a seam, trim the excess allowances and overcast the edge of your fabric...which in turn allows you to use your serger to achieve professional quality stitching in a very short time, at least compared to manual methods.

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