Eliminar troyanos online dating

The Trojan creates these link files -Bingo Card Casino Internet Poker Printer Travel Website Each link directs the browser either to "search200.com" or other gambling web sites.

Additionally, the Trojan creates at least 148 "favorite" URL links in the browser and stores them as these names, creating groups in the process Casino Instant Web Computers\Computers\Communication Computers\Computer Jobs Computers\Computer Computers\Domain Computers\Computers\Computers\Inkjet Computers\Instant Computers\Computers\Working From Computers\Games\Computer Computers\Games\Computers\Games\Computers\Games\Computers\Games\Computers\Games\Sega Computers\Games\Cool Stuff\Cool Stuff\Cool Stuff\Dvd To Cool Stuff\Mp3Cool Stuff\Online Cool Stuff\Pass Drug Cool Stuff\Printer Cool Stuff\Satellite Cool Stuff\Scratch Cool Stuff\Video Dating\Christian Dating\Dating Dating\Dating Dating\Internet Dating\Jewish Dating\Online Home\Adjustable Home\Food Home\Health Home\Home Equity Home\Home Home\Home Home\Home Home\Interior Decorating Home\Office Home\Outdoor Home\Outdoor Home\Phone Home\Satellite Home\Sleep Home\Home\Working From Internet\Domain Internet\Internet\Internet\Free Long Internet\Internet\Internet Internet\Investing Internet\Internet\Internet\Online Football Internet\Online Internet\Internet\Starting A Internet\Web Internet\Education\Adult Internet\Education\Internet\Education\Internet\Education\Internet\Education\Internet\Education\Internet\Education\Online Gaming\Online Gaming\Black Jack Online Gaming\Casino Online Gaming\Online Gaming\Online Gaming\Online Gaming\Roulette Online Gaming\Online Gaming\Sport Online Gaming\Sport Online Gaming\Time Online Pharmacy\Buy Online Pharmacy\Buy Online Pharmacy\Buy Online Pharmacy\Buy Online Pharmacy\Buy Meridia Online Pharmacy\Buy Online Pharmacy\Buy Online Pharmacy\Buy Online Pharmacy\Buy Online Pharmacy\Buy Ultram Online Pharmacy\Buy Online Pharmacy\Buy Online Pharmacy\Consumer Online Pharmacy\Online Pharmacy\Mexican Online Pharmacy\Pass Drug Online Pharmacy\Pet Online Pharmacy\Pharmacy Shopping Gifts\Birthday Shopping Gifts\Shopping Gifts\Christmas Shopping Gifts\Corporate Shopping Gifts\Digital Shopping Gifts\Dress Shopping Gifts\DVD Shopping Gifts\Gift Shopping Gifts\Shopping Gifts\Leather Shopping Gifts\Shopping Gifts\Sexy Shopping Gifts\Shopping Gifts\Smoke Shopping Gifts\Shopping Gifts\Video Shopping Gifts\Shopping Gifts\Wedding Shopping Gifts\Wine Shopping Gifts\Womens Travel\Air Travel\Cancun Travel\Car Travel\Travel\Discount Travel\Europe Travel\Family Travel\Hawaii Travel\Travel\Las Vegas Travel\London Travel\New Travel\Orlando Travel\Travel\Travel\Travel\Travel Travel\Travel Travel\Travel\World Threat Analysis This Trojan is 32-bit with an UPC packed file size of 292,695 bytes.

Cada minuto, Norton Anti Virus 2010 actualiza su base de datos de forma silenciosa para que siempre estés al tanto de las amenazas que recorren la red.

antes los bajaba con tiempo de por medio ahora los baja a cada momento, los borro manuelmente desde modo aprueva de fallos y al instante los buelve a bajar y los coloca en el inicio.... K-tr A system compromised by this Trojan may have icons created on the desktop that point to Internet websites.

MUCHAS GRACIAS...holapues la verdad no creo q debas apresurarte y formatear.

primero debes probar con todo lo posible y si lo eliminas pues te evitas el trabajo de formatear.

mira si dices q es un troyano pues puedes probar con un Anti-virus online o un Anti-troyanos tambien online, te voy a dejar unos enlaces para q hagas la prueba.

pero debes entrar en "modo seguro con funciones de red" o "safe mode with networking" (pulsando la tecla f8 durante el restart) y cuando entres en modo seguro pues conectate y pasa el anti-virus o el anti-troyanos o ambos si deseas.

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