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" He wrote on June 1, after asking Kabak if she would "make this official, lets (sic) go out".When Michael was asked about the address of a property he claimed to own in Auckland, he said he would tell Sally, who would pass the information on."That was a massive red flag, he didn't even know the address of his own place."The family member of Kabak said she was simply wanting to find love."She's quite lonely, having lost her husband, and she's pretty desperate to find a mate, and I think that clouded her judgement."ANOTHER KIWI WOMAN MAY HAVE BEEN FOOLED BY THE SAME PHOTOSPhotos Kabak showed, supposedly of Michael, quickly led to a business owner in Canada.In one of the photos, the man posed in front of a red SUV, with the name of a company, Quills Tees, just visible on the window.Twice, three times a day, we would have these long conversations.'I love you, I want to marry you.' He just knew all the things to say.

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