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His former employer In Joplin heard Woods sing and started pro- ceedings that resulted In Woods be- ing paroled. Fhrst use ot radio-equipped cars by Royal Canadian Mounted Police is skedded for this year. Marshall Goldberg's Pa Back to His First Love Pittsburgh, Apr U 4. Now that football days are over for his son, Marshall Goldberg, all- American halfback from University of Pittsburgh, Sol Go Idlerg, former exhibitor. Younger Goldberg graduates from Pitt in June and may turn pro in fall, although he hasn't yet made up his mind.

Short-wave station to be set up at central point in neighboring province of Manitoba. At present mounties use radio only In two dally newscasts from CKCK, Reglna. of Refugees Besieging B way Stymied by Equity s Alien Rule 3 Friendly 'Enemies* Hollywood, April 4. general counsel, and members ot the Antl-Saloon League, W. Understood his father will go back into biz somewhere In West Virginia, although not in Elkins, his home town.

"We have licked it every time but once'— lait year when it was slipped through the commit- tee without warning and hustled through the se ate with less than a full day's debate. Station will be permitted to Jump daytime Juice from 250 watt.n to 1 kw but loses out on a plea that nighttime Increase be held in abeyance unt U the North American Regional Broadc HKtlng Agreement becomes effective. Barnctte also appeared to be suf Terlng from a slight paucity of cash, although Commish declared that despite the fact he 'made a rather limited showing of money' available* it appeared that 'the likelihood of financial support for the station proposed la sufhclently apparent to warrant a con- - Btructlon permit.' H. Scramble of Interference be- tween themselves and other transmitters wn.i the main rea- son for Commish ch Jll. Oblo: WKRC, CBS, Cincinnati, granted use of 6 kw for all daytime operation, using directional nntonna nystom.

It industry spokes- man cannot convince legislators of the dangers in 'the proposal,' 'well take our medicine and fold up and go otit of business,' Hayser stated. gle^t Tl 'A'f'e^d \ WSAI studios, several miles from the downtown section, with thou- sands of visitors weekly. Close and Cordial Ties In Frisco with Set Merchants San Francisco, April 4. Boutk Carolina: Two-way scramble for a a motion to dismiss their application before an e.taminer recommended the ap- plication bo dismissed. Though each atatlon had a good alibi for Its naplratlons, service, clashes were deemed too Important to grant any of the pleas. (Now operating on ke with 1 kw nights, 6 kw days, using 1 kw when WOSU, Columbia, operates.) LARRY FLYNN FILES FOR WAAB FACILm ES Washirgton, April 4.

Entered u eecond-olaiia matter December 22, li OE, at the Post ORIce at New ' 7ork, N. He had been resting up in Arizona and returns to New York this week.

I think we'r; done a pretty good job of de- veloping people for pictures so they ^We us as much as we owe them. tog^Uier very harmoniously and It Is :&nplausible to believe that they would want to break up a winning cohtblnation.' {Aside from assurances that Holly - Wood -would be a chief production cedter far many years to come and that' television's Imminence wi U be determined by the experiments in New York, Prexy Paley had lit Ue othei:;,trade comment to offer.

If those who were for it U.'' year have changed, their minds, they are not going to be Influenced by hew tes- timony, I'll take my . Honry, Commish re- mained skeptical of the ability of applicant to construct proposed ,000 transmitter and pay IG70 monthly expenses..

chances on be- ing able to pass this bill without any support from any witnesses; I mere- ly want to get it on the calendar.' To this. Only 97,600 In the bank to build and operate the station, It was pointed out, G.

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Wmm FILMUSICAL : FROM DREISER'S BIOG , Hollywood, April 4.Playing bit parts in Metro's '6,000' Enemies' are three' old friends who once drew big money as directors. Mason Hopper and King Baggot ANTI-SALOON LEAGUE BACK AGAIN Washington, April 4, Old Man Prohibition— after more than five years In the security of the grave — last week picked on the brbadcasting Industry as first victim of his proposed 'comeback.' Before a senate Interstate Commerce Sub- committee Neville MUler, president of the National 'Association ot Broadcasters, 'warned that a 'danger- ous precedent' would be established if the Johnson bill, requiring prohi- bition ot all, liquor advertising over the radio, were passed. Show business faces a complex problem of 'what to do about th* moimtihg liumber of refugee pro« fesslonals, art Lrman Wilbur, head of the Mo- tion Picture Research^ C^oimcil, con- tained admission 'Some notable films' were produced in recent years, but .studios still turn out too many 'stupid, commonplace features' which appeal to emotions of horror, tear and lust Rush act of block-booking abolish- ers was braked this week at outset of Senate hearings on the customa:^ Neely bill. Interstate Commerce Subcommittee, chair- manned by Senator Ellison D.' 'If one well- organized minority can successfully prohibit one form of advertising,' he pointed out, 'other such groups will ly Senator Edwin C. Smith, Democrat, of South Carolina, intends to afford foes ample chance to dem- onstrate reason for apprehension and, expects advocates to point to pros- pective benefits.To pre- vent either one stealing too much audience attention, they had an agreemient that neither one would take a solo curtain call, either be- tween acts or at the conclusion of a performance. LEGIT Bl HORT; SEE BOOM LATER Expo Working in Reverse as Theatre and Nitery Visi- tors Hold 0£F Coming to Metropolis Till After Opening — Film Houses Expect Slump First 2 Months of Fair, but a Bonanza Eventually ACTORS CLIPPED Letdown in theatre attendance on Broadway, complained about for some leading attractions but not ap- plicable to all, which started even prior to the peak date of Feb.22 (Washington's Birthday), is believed traceable to fewer visitors to the metropolis.

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