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And if she accepts the gifts, this means she’s also accepting the proposal.Sometimes, the man will also send gifts to the bride’s family to show them his potential as a son-in-law.I’ve settled on an ultra greasy slab of chicken with a side of French fries; not quite my healthiest meal but it’s cheap and filling, especially compared to the fufu and rice water I’ve been living on for the past month.Suddenly, amongst the chaos, my ears pick up on something strange.As any westerner that has visited the country has seen, it’s not uncommon to receive marriage proposals from locals every few days.In fact, during my time traveling around Ghana, I met many visitors who took to wearing fake wedding rings in an attempt to make it stop.

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It’s like I’m watching a real life version of , only instead of going to an ambient restaurant or having a fun experiential date the setting is the mall food court. Also, why the hell would anyone propose at the mall, let along in the food court?! “Please explain to me what just happened here.” He laughs, as he’s aware of the big deal that goes into American wedding proposals and the length of time people in the U. After that it’s seen as taking advantage of the friendship.” Wow.At the table across from me is a gorgeous Ghanian woman who appears to be in her 20s sitting with an attractive Ghanaian man wearing slacks and a dress shirt.In front of them the enticing glow of a Mc Donald’s illuminates their faces as dusk shadows the scene.After about a week or two in which the bride’s family researches the potential groom, the father will send his reply.From there, the groom’s parents will send the bride’s parents a pot of palm wine to thank them if there has been consent. If a man wants to marry a woman, he’ll start giving her gifts — for instance, money, handkerchiefs and towels.

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