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While typing on the computer, hearing diminishes, smell diminishes – the awareness is narrowed. The overwhelming sensory input means that you experience everything simultaneously: the humming of the computer, the flickering of the monitor, the feel of the clothing you wear, your emotions, the bird in your garden, the smell of coffee…Every minuscule detail happening around you is felt in its entirety.It made my childhood, especially school, absolute hell (for example, I got along with adults much better than kids, and I could read at a college graduate level in 5th grade).I saw doctors constantly, and was diagnosed with everything under the sun, since little was known of LLI at the time (heck, little is still known).It could easily be diagnosed as things such as ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression, OCD, APD (anti-social personality disorder) and in some cases even Tourette syndrome.

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