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These days New York salsa has a distinctly Puerto Rican sound ‚ smooth, polished, classic salsa.It tends to follow the jazz structure, incorporating lengthy instrumental breaks to showcase the ability of particular musicians.Salsa Music During the 1940s and 50s, Cuban musicians had a huge influence on the New York music scene.But once Fidel came to power, diplomatic relations fell apart between Cuba and the US.Cuban style salsa differs from the north american salsa styles in that it is ‘circular’ rather than linear.The man constantly moves around the woman in a circular dynamic, checking her out and showing her off. Salsa Rueda de Casino (Salsa Rueda) Dance Rueda de Casino is the correct name in Spanish.In the decadent days of Old Havana, all the action in town was going down at the Casinos.The gambling haunts had the money to bring in the big name bands, so that’s where people would go to dance.

Men’s shines tend to focus on tricky footwork based on Puerto Rican style salsa.

The current New York salsa style is called Mambo or Salsa On 2.

It‚s a blend of Puerto Rican salsa and Latin Hustle with the break on the second beat of the clave.

LA style salsa dancers often develop highly choreographed cartwheel and flip routines into their movements.

Salsa Music The contemporary salsa sound coming out of Cuba is called‚ timba.

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