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This behavior, however, may in some circumstances be overridden by the phisher.

Equivalent mobile apps generally do not have this preview feature.

The content will be crafted to target an upper manager and the person's role in the company.

The content of a whaling attack email is often written as a legal subpoena, customer complaint, or executive issue.

It may claim to be a resend of the original or an updated version to the original.

To avoid anti-phishing techniques that scan websites for phishing-related text, phishers have begun to use Flash-based websites (a technique known as phlashing).

These look much like the real website, but hide the text in a multimedia object.

Covert redirect is a subtle method to perform phishing attacks that makes links appear legitimate, but actually redirect a victim to an attacker's website.

A further problem with URLs has been found in the handling of internationalized domain names (IDN) in web browsers, that might allow visually identical web addresses to lead to different, possibly malicious, websites.

Despite the publicity surrounding the flaw, known as IDN spoofing Even digital certificates do not solve this problem because it is quite possible for a phisher to purchase a valid certificate and subsequently change content to spoof a genuine website, or, to host the phish site without SSL at all.

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    Alternatively, it may mean that the software update was installed but the state message has not yet been sent to to the site server.