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One day, “she” told the victim that she’d lost her credit card and asked him for a loan of 15,000 baht (6, £350).

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Adults have their own flavors of lying sleazebag fraudsters: cybercrooks who prey on vulnerable love-seekers on dating sites; who convince them they’re sending money to needy soldiers; who send bogus emails claiming you’ll get a payment just as soon as you first pay a “shipping agent” (what’s known as “advance fee fraud“); or by voluptuous women who, strangely enough, are forced to find love online – presumably because Russia is fresh out of men who like those buxom blondes. If you’ve got a friend/relative/whoever who’s blinded by love or lust, try quizzing them on whether their online lover has any of these attributes of sweetheart swindlers, provided by the FBI: Lisa has been writing about technology, careers, science and health since 1995.Police have reportedly also found victims who’ve been snookered into transferring millions of baht to the suspects between 2014 and last year.Between the Thai Airways not-cabin crew, Maggie Archer’s flimflam, and the Ex Machina AI heartbreaker, you’d think that Tinder is a tinderbox for fraud.At this point, the “see what will happen if you send me ” mystery has been solved: you’ll lose . Two of the cabin crew have filed complaints, claiming that their photos had been posted online without their knowledge to swindle money from at least 30 men.The swindlers allegedly kept up online relationships with their marks, avoiding meeting one victim by claiming to be busy with overseas flight duties.

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