Speed dating match rate

The closest I’d gotten to another living being in the past few months was spooning my dog every night.

My biggest anxiety, though, was that I had no idea how people would pair up to ride the lifts together. When I arrived at the bottom of the lift, I was surprised to see so many other speed daters milling around.

If you're a basic member, Speed Date lets other users initiate with you a five-minute instant messenger chat session, or "online speed date"; subscribers can extend that time.

When you view a profile, Speed Date tells you what preferences your potential date matches, what preferences you match for the other person, and finally what you have in common, even if it's only that you both speak English.

The Speed Date interface resembles Facebook quite a bit: You can navigate among blue tabs and red balloons signifying your notifications, and chat windows pop up in a blue toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

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It was surprising how many people were looking for speed dating at AM.But you're somewhat powerless over the number of speed dates you have and the speed with which they pop up; the onslaught often continues even after you've asked the site (nicely) to pause speed dating.Anytime you close a speed date window, the site forces you to select a reason, and then you can either have a speed date with someone else or ask the site to give you a break.I said this throughout the day, partly to be honest about what I was looking for, and partly to put a disclaimer out there about my mediocre skiing abilities. “I don’t go outside much because I don’t really have the gear.” Dammit. I rate my abilities in both pursuits as average, so I don’t think this is asking too much. Even though he seemed like a great guy, it was early in the day, and meeting someone more compatible seemed probable.I thanked him for the fun time and mumbled something about getting another match.

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