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: Hipgnosis was actually founded in order to deliver this cover, a beautifully lush piece of sci-fi and science-textbook images melting into one another.Just as era-specific as the début, the Saucerful of Secrets cover has dated much less. : This is apparently Hipgnosis too, but it doesn't feel like it. Heavily-armed police attached the anti-bikie squad Strike Force Raptor stormed the Chinchen Street clubhouse at 7pm on Monday after the Supreme Court declared the property a “restricted premises” four hours earlier. Police have sealed the fate of the Islington clubhouse of the Newcastle chapter of the Nomads bikie gang.Let's see if Google will still be able to find me... The Piper at the Gates of Dawn is the only album they released with Syd Barrett as a full member, and it sounds like little else in their discography.Neither does the quasi-'kaleidoscope' cover fit in, though it certainly evokes 1967.And to that end, every Pink Flod cover - even compilations and live releases - is worth a look.

The album itself is a minor entry, but the cover, which takes the word 'obscured' and flies with it, is attention-grabbingly fuzzy, bokeh years and years before that became a 'cool' word. While I'm at it, why don't I criticise the Mona Lisa too?

The cover is actually 36 different 'covers', arranged 3x3 across the front, back and an inner gatefold. More than anything, it's just an arresting visual image. It's Animals, Pink Floyd's Orwellian dystopian take on modern society. Those batteries have long since gone dead, and reissues are less flashy. : A twenty-year-old recording of Pink Floyd playing The Wall live in concert, this is rather less than essential a release.

It's not just the flying pig I love - it's that gorgeously bleak Battersea Power Station. : Not Hipgnosis but still noteworthy: this is Pink Floyd's double-album opus The Wall. This is the final Pink Floyd studio album, and it's rather easy to overlook. Still, it's nice, if a bit overwrought: a human iris as the centre of the solar system, with fish and other stuff around it. The cover is nicely grotesque though, the 'life-masks' of the four members of Pink Floyd, worn by a 'fake Pink Floyd' on-stage.

Probably rock music's most iconic album cover, it leaves me with little to say except to point out that there are only six colours in the spectrum and that there are dozens of minor variations of this cover. : In my Hipgnosis round-up, I used the original layout of this cover, not the subsequent CD reissue depicted above.

: Useless as a product, this was merely the Floyd's first two albums stuck together with a new cover. No clue why they toyed with it, but the elements are the same: burning man burns the paper it's printed on while shaking hands in an abandoned Hollywood lot. This cover was famous for the flashing LED embedded in the spine.

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