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And as it is, my husband lives in Hawaii from October through February, so we usually spend a month or so there and then he travels back and forth to LA during that time.I don’t know what it’s going to be like with 2 kids, but so far we take Ryan with us everywhere.We loved every detail, but especially how happy both of them look in all of their photos. grew up surfing and beach bumming in Hawaii before becoming a model for the likes of Sports Illustrated, Guess and Billabong!It’s only after I had Ryan that I began to slow down and take less jobs as I no longer wanted to travel as much – although from time to time, I still model.There have been so many crazy adventures, although there are a few that really take the cake!He popped the question with a gorgeous gold engagement ring by Helen Ficalora, that featured a round-cut diamond.The classic jewel is pictured alongside their gold Helen Ficalora wedding rings in the slideshow.

Truly, it’s the best to teach them at this age, because there is no fear and their balance is so strong. We planned to move back for years and definitely I would have thought we’d be back there by now.Plus, there are so many brands out there now it’s become harder than it used to be. I love it and it’s something that I invest a lot of time into making sure that we are different and stay on top of what is current in fashion.We added the apparel piece as coverups because they kind of go hand in hand with swim – it rounds out the brand and it’s what our customer wants. We also launched kids, which I LOVE and has been super fun.So, for some time I dreamed of creating a line of my own but truly I thought it would be years down the road, long after modeling and perhaps even after I had a few kids.However over time, I told so many people of my idea and everyone from editors to stylist to designers and they all encouraged me not to wait – so, I just went ahead and did it! When it comes to inspiration, I have to be honest it’s really challenging to stay relevant and find inspiration for swim each year – there are only so many bikinis that you can really design – therefore it requires digging deep to be innovative.

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