Watch hannah montana season 1 episode 18+ online dating

The full-length version, which is 2 minutes, 54 seconds in length, was included on the show's soundtrack, released in October 2006.For the TV version of the theme, which lasts only 50 seconds, only the first two stanzas and the last two were used.It introduces the five main characters of the series and Miley Stewart's situation of living a secret double life as a teen pop star.The season also introduces several significant recurring characters such as Roxy Roker, Jake Ryan, and Rico Suave.

In this episode, Hannah has the option to go overseas for a tour.They had spent the whole episode trying to make the other person jealous, and then at the end they both came clean and told each other.This was the episode where Hannah got stuck dating her brother, Jackson.This was the episode where we all learned the meaning of true friendship.Miley allowed this huge zit to stay on her face on a billboard in order to make Lilly feel better about her wearing her glasses.

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