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Sometimes I don’t know when is the right time to tell my boyfriend.

If she finds out about my HIV status, I think she will stop paying for studies, because she will think it is a waste of time to invest in education for a dying person.“After my HIV testing was done, I started having blood tests to check my cd4 count, which is still about 650.Her grandmother has chosen to invest in her future because – among all the grandchildren – Tshidi is the one who has made her most proud, and who has been doing well in class and taking her education seriously.Dating and making friends in the midst of HIV“This is the most challenging problem I have ever come across.I explained to him that my viral load has been undetectable for a year now and that I am doing well with treatment. I never offended him and our relationship was okay before I told him. I have decided never to tell anyone about my status.Infact we planned on the next level which was marriage and that is why I told him. I want to get married in life and have my own kids. But how do I tell a man about my status when I know it would send him running? Currently, I am afraid of dating because I do not want to be rejected again. I am sorry that this is still a common experience for many HIV positive people.

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